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Eco-retreat Casa  momentÔ


Casa MomentÔ stands for sustainability: We want to deal with people and the environment more consciously. Sustainability translates into everyday small things that each contribute to taking good care of Lanzarote, Unesco World Heritage, and its inhabitants and our visitors.

Casa MomentÔ was given a sustainable facelift with an eye for responsible energy consumption (solar panels, solar boilers, insulation...), water management (consumption, reuse of waste water...), waste policy (waste processing, waste limitation, too good to go), local embedding (purchases , employment...). An extra word of explanation...

Taking good care of yourself and your fellow man is something we realize by...

  • every day to focus on ecologically responsible and healthy food. We base ourselves on 'as natural as possible', according to the principle of focus on healthy carbohydrates (vegetables) supplemented with one choice of fish/meat/cheese/cereals/pasta/potatoes. Principles from the orthomolecular kitchen thanks to delicious recipes from Trix Verheyen, Pascale Naessens and others, fine-tuned by our own improvisation and touches of local ingredients

  • by regularly cooking vegetarian with seasonal vegetables.

  • to choose organic products.

  • pay attention to healthy snacks. No snacks and sweets in Casa MomentÔ but fruit, homemade cookies, vegetable sweets, ...

  • healthy to drink. Drinking water is freely accessible to everyone. Soft drinks are not available.

  • to buy locally. In addition to a goat farm with a local shop, Casa MomentÔ overlooks the fertile 'valle del Pozo', a local vegetable shed in southern Lanzarote. Shopping at the local producer-distributor is therefore no problem.

  • to pay attention to 'food for the Spirit': Silence, Meditation, Rest, ... We provide a low-stimulus environment.


Taking good care of the environment is something we realize by...

  • to opt for completely green energy: own solar energy (including  solar panels,  solar water heaters) and storage in a battery. What remains we share on the net.

  • monitor our electricity consumption on a daily basis, including  through the use of LED lighting

  • only use electrical appliances with a sustainable label.

  • we are planning a charging station for electric vehicles: in this way we promote the use for our guests. On Lanzarote, an increasing number of vehicles (including rental vehicles) are electric!

  • limit our freshwater use. After all, freshwater is the liquid gold on Lanzarote! For example, in Casa MomentÔ you will only find water-saving showers and  an hourglass, do all toilets have a saving button, do we limit the water consumption for our swimming pool, ... 

  • to collect our waste water carefully and reuse it as much as possible to irrigate the surrounding garden.

  • focus on waste reduction. We try to keep this to a minimum by purchasing in a targeted manner: no unnecessary cardboard and plastic, not too much food, preferably no disposable material, ...

  • recycling: all wood from countless cupboard doors is given a second life as a bedboard, bathroom mirror…

  • sort waste: in addition to the municipal sorting points, we use the 'punto limpio' in Playa Blanca (8 km)

  • to use as many ecological products as possible: from cleaning products, paint to the, bed linen and shower products

  • to pay attention to our CO 2 emissions: By foot or bicycle if possible, by car if absolutely necessary. Carpooling is an asset. EVERY flight we take, we pay extra to offset our Co2 emissions. Public transport: there is a bus stop 200 meters away. 

  • to use fair trade products as much as possible. Fair trade is a sustainable form of trade. Fair wages and respectful quality support offers the local population a real opportunity  to a better life. For example, we bought a considerable amount of furniture from Rastro Remar, an NGO that works locally for the underprivileged and substance use. Internationally they work on deprivation in Romania, Ukraine and a large number of African countries.

  • working with local merchants and services. This is how the residents get  of Lanzarote also a chance for a sustainable life. Regular customer at Finca Tres Penas and the organic bakery.


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