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Integrative Psychotherapy?!

'Looking for the right key on the door'.

Giving everyone the opportunity to grow in what he/she translates as 'I feel good'.  Every session, read every meeting, I integrate your question with the most appropriate method from a wide range of tools from various psychological approaches.  Working together through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Creative Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Solution-oriented Therapy, Focussing, Systemic working, Body-oriented Therapy... Towards a new basis & a new balance for more optimal functioning.

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My support?! I only mention relevant experiences & education for MomentÔ:

  • Bachelor of Applied Psychology (KULeuven Vives) with internship as a trauma counselor in Cape Town (South Africa)

  • Postgraduate Integrative and Humanistic Psychotherapy  (AIHP) 

  • Postgraduate Psychopedagogical Counseling (Lessius Hogeschool  - Thomasmore).

  • accredited Triple P care provider (level 2/3,  also seminars)

  • Mindfulness Basic Training (Edel Maex UZA)

  • Couples Therapy, Creative Interaction, Child Therapy, More Mindfulness, Short Training Body-oriented Therapy (Educational Academy).

  • ACT & Trauma (ACT Academy)

  • Intuitive Development year 1 and 2 (Timothy)


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