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small and big questions...


In the gallery you already got a taste of the type of questions you can ask here. A few more options:

  • I don't know how to put it… but I'm not feeling well

  • What happens now? Why do I react this way (to my partner, colleague, child)?

  • Why is this happening to me in my life right now?

  • What can I do? I want tips! Do something, control!

  • How can I prevent this? I don't want to get back to this point...

  • Do I have to go to MomentÔ for this problem ?  


We want to offer you the opportunity to pause here and now for a moment…

  • Thoughts keep spinning in your head

  • Feelings that are difficult to name let alone 'control'

  • Your body that no longer 'listens'…

  • Comments from others that you can't post

  • Learning to watch your own behavior (or that of someone else) gently…

  • Discover your own qualities and challenges and how to use them in interaction with others

Everyone welcome!

I welcome adults,  young people, M/F,  parents,  stepdads, plus-moms, couples, families, individuals, in all diversity…  in a warm, respectful way.  Our chat  evolves from one between seekers to one between  experts, who- can- do it- themselves- without help.

Conversations can be individual (you and me), as a couple, between ex-partners,  in a newly formed family, child/younger parent.


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