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Que sean los bienvenidos and nuestro hogar!

(Welcome to our home!)



We are happy to share our house with those who are looking for peace and quiet. We offer a homely atmosphere in a former finca. Absolute silence is hard to find, here too, but we come very close!We always respect peace, silence is possible (by mutual agreement).


you do it in this tranquil, stimulus-free place between volcano and ocean. Individually, as a couple or with a group of like-minded people. Re-energize at your own pace with a more or less creative, experiential and therapeutic offer such as a tranquil volcano walk, a mindful morning greeting, an intuitive creative exercise with visual means, voice, body work or accessible psychotherapeutic tools. ​

A tranquil environment

  • Casa momentÔ is located on the edge of the village, where the nature reserve begins… We are happy to tell you more about the historical value of the Camino de los Pozos! And the history of La Mararia…

  • From our spot there are walks of different lengths and  height difference/challenge. We are happy to guide you to hidden gems via an app or directions

  • Femés is a mountain village 8 km from the coast, Playa Blanca. You overcome the  height via an authentic short mountain pass from Uga (Yaiza) or from Playa Blanca. Our house is in the highest position, 400 m above the sea. Guarantee for (almost) never to overheat…

  • What do you think about facilities? Three restaurants (Balcon de Femés, Mirador de Femés and Casa Juan). The latter is also an authentic village pub under the church tower.

    • A mini supermarket and a deli with regional products 

    • A beautiful church with village square and cemetery…

    • Countless prickly pears and some village gardens

  • A bus stop connecting Playa Blanca to  Arrecife


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