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Who are we?!

Rolf & Inge

Inge welcomes you in Vorselaar in MomentÔ, Practice for Integrative Psychotherapy.

You can refuel and recharge your batteries in Casa MomentÔ, Lanzarote. Together we are your hosts there!

A snapshot ... who we are.

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My name is Inge De Fre. Mom of 3  kids (Xhanne, Yoran and Zaura) and (already one  30 years) together with Rolf, my dear partner in just about everything. EXPERIENCES together  & enjoying standing still, is my daily motivation! Traveling, experiencing nature, hiking, ceramics, skiing and music are my other passions.


In my baggage life experience you will find stories about saying goodbye, living with people with a psychological vulnerability, burnout, living with a physical vulnerability & diagnosis.  TO LIVE  between strength and vulnerability is a nice daily challenge.

In addition to a solid portion of experience in assistance (coaching and integrative psychotherapy for adults and young people with life questions ), I bundle experiences in training for young people and adults, trajectory guidance, assistance in  intercultural context.


My name is Rolf Van Eekert. Dad of 3  kids (Xhanne, Yoran and Zaura) and (already one  30 years) together with Inge, my dear partner in just about everything. Together with them I have been able to discover many beautiful places on this globe. My passion for music brought me into contact with vulnerable young people in Belgium.  Add empathic experiences with refugees in Algeria and Guatemala. Stand still and EXPERIENCE  how others live together. With this I have mainly tried to inspire children and young people as a teacher and director of primary education and as Coordinator of Studio Globo, an immersion workshop for global education.  


My baggage is supplemented by Parkinson's disease, a daily companion. On Lanzarote we can  quality LIVING. Here I hope, through our house  to share, to contribute from the sidelines by facilitating growth processes.


You can also find me on the hiking trails and beaches, any quiet spot to recharge clean air, bright light and solar batteries! 


In Memoriam

Rolf Van Eekert

family man - traveler - outdoorsman - musician

° Mortsel Belgium November 2, 1966

- Lanzarote June 29, 2023

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