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Pause for a moment...
at small &
less small issues
...about a
growth process

Our vision

MomentÔ ... is taking a moment, 'a moment', to reflect on small and large questions that dominate your thinking, feeling and making you think,  to invest here and now in your own growth process or together, as partners.
Ô (eau) ... is looking for 'flow' in your life. From a holistic vision we integrate you as a 'whole' person in this process. A moment's time  take to breathe consciously, feel, chew, hum, dance, look, walk, share…


Integrative Psychotherapy

MomentÔ offers space in Vorselaar to

  • individually embark on a growth trajectory according to  the Integrative Psychotherapy

  • get started creatively and/or  to share conversations in front of the fireplace

  • a place to fold back on yourself, your own rhythm 

  • thinking  about how to recreate your own way  can go

  • to work in group on your growth process and/or to enjoy yourself, 

  • a bit of silence

  • a shovel of nature

  • inside out  watch or enjoy from outside (the garden) & inside


Casa MomentÔ

We would like to share our house on Lanzarote for those who need it  

  • to your own space

  • with or without guidance from a therapist or counselor

  • intensively supported or  of  many 'empty' moments

​ MomentÔ is coming home to yourself by coming home to Lanzarote with respect for people and the unique biosphere reserve & Unesco world heritage.  



We are always wondering what would be a responsible choice from an ecological and social point of view.  Renewable energy, sustainable & ecological garden and products, support local population, support solidarity actions & fair trade, safeguard Unesco world heritage,  alternatives for accessibility and accessibility ... too many to mention.

Check out our sustainable commitment in Vorselaar and Lanzarote!

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